Signora Sicilia


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Enna, Garage Arts Platform 2023, Italy


The neighborhood Fundrisi is located in the western part of the city. It is characterized by narrow streets and houses leaning against each other with no more than two floors. The name comes from the inhabitants of the fief of Fundrò, near Enna, about 6 km from Piazza Armerina. Until 1396 it belonged to the Degli Uberti family, but on that year Martin I raided the fief of Fundrò, as well as the one of Rossomano, Gatta and Pollino, razing them to the ground and ending the long war between the Latin and Catalan factions. The inhabitants were deported to the city of Enna and forced to live in a separate quarter called Fundrisi. It was once separated from the rest of the city by walls. It still has a different dialect from the rest of the city, and is still referred to by the ethnic name Fundrisi.

The vicissitudes of the people of Fundrisi resemble on a small scale a history that repeats itself for centuries in a succession of inclusions and exclusions, immigrations and emigrations. They are direct effects of submissions, wars, property and borders. It is a story that today iterates – probably stronger than ever – at the European borders.

Sabine Reinfeld tries to deal with these issues in her performance and confrontates the audience with SIGNORA SICILIA.